Stem Cell Therapy for Diabetes

What are Stem Cells?

Stem cells can be viewed as master cells that can give rise to all types of cells in the body. Generally, stem cells are classified as: unipotent, multipotent or pluripotent according to their potential to differentiate.

Stem cells have two important properties: 

・Capable of giving rise to all types of cells          ・Capable of self-renewing and regeneration


In some special cases, people with Diabetes will result to their own immune system attacking the insulin-producing cells in their pancreas. Overtime, this will affect the entire body’s ability to create insulin (Type 1 Diabetes) or the more common type is when the body is insulin resistant (Type 2 Diabetes). 


Eye deterioration is a common cause of diabetes, usually known as diabetic retinopathy. High blood sugar can damage the tiny (microvascular) blood vessels in the retina which can cause blood vessels in the retina to leak fluid and distort vision. 

Umbilical Cord-derived mesenchymal stem cells (MSC)

Umbilical Cord-derived mesenchymal stem cells (MSC) is the youngest and most primitive source of MSCs that can be obtained from a human body. It has the ability to travel into bone, heart muscle, nerve, liver cells, kidney cells, cartilage cells, insulin-producing cells, blood vessels, etc… and has been used to repair the damaged organs. 

Mesenchymal stem cells (MSC) therapy for diabetes will not only help to reduce inflammation and alleviate eye deterioration. It will also improve vision and overall organ functions significantly.

UHG Medi-Care Stem Cell Therapy

1. We use only ethically sourced MSC:

a. Harvested from the umbilical cords of new-borns with the consent of parents.
b. Harvested from donor’s or your own bone marrow, blood, tooth, or fat.
c. Imported GMP certified MSC.

2. We conduct legitimate stem cell researches, clinical trials and registry.

3. You are able to seek professional advice from a stem cell specialist before considering any further action.

4. Helpful for individuals with medical conditions such as:

a. Cardiovascular disease
b. Liver disease
c. Arthritis
d. Diabetes
e. Renal disease
f. Autoimmune conditions

UHG Medi-Care Stem Cell Therapy

Treatment Procedures

1.    Initial examination - UPC Medical Concierge will collect all medical reports from patient and send to medical centre for first assessment.

2.    Fly to Malaysia for treatment - A minimum total of 4 days will be required for the entire procedure.  Treatment process will follow the detailed itinerary:

Treatment Itinerary - Day 1
  • Morning flight to Malaysia

  • Arrive in Malaysia. Check-in at the hotel followed by Stem Cell Treatment Centre visit

  • Register at the reception. Patient will receive first consultation session with our stem cell specialist

  • Our specialist will run a detailed body check-up (comprehensive blood-test, InBody composition, lung function test) on patient

3.    Post Treatment - Based on the feedback from our past clients, they generally experience improvements after 3-6months post-infusion. However, the outcome for MSC therapy varies from one individual to another, this is because of other several factors involved such as, client's age, lifestyle and prevailing health conditions.

Packages includes

・ Consultation by the Specialist 

・ 100mil MSC cell therapy (by IV Infusion)

・ Anti-oxidants infusion

・ 2x Comprehensive Blood Test (Pre & Post Treatment) 

・ In-Body Composition & Lung Function Test (Physical examination)

・ Bed Daycare Ward in medical centre luxury suite (Meals included)

・ 1 x Follow-up services and assessments by specialist few months after treatment

・ Cathay Pacific Economy Class Return Tickets 

・ Transportation throughout the treatment

・ Luxury hotel in city centre 

・ Accompanied by UPC Medical Concierge

Stem Cell Q&A 幹細胞常見問題

What are stem cells? 甚麼是幹細胞?

Stem cells are cells with the ability to divide or renew themselves for long periods and to give rise to specialized cells. The have the ability to morph into any cell in the human body. 簡單來說,幹細胞指的是具有分裂和分化能力的細胞。

What are mesenchymal stem cells (MSC)? 甚麼是間充質幹細胞 (MSC)?

Mesenchymal stem cells are “adult” stem cells. They are “multipotent stromal cells” that can produce more than one type of specialized cell of the body (around 17 types in total), including cartilage, bone, skin etc. Being immune privileged, MSC will not evoke immune reactions. They rejuvenate existing cells, reduce organ damage and increase wellbeing. 間充質幹細胞是「多能基質細胞」 ,它們可以分化成一種以上特化細胞(多大17種),如軟骨、骨骼、皮膚等。 間充質幹細胞具有免疫特權,不會引起免疫反應。 它們讓細胞再生、恢復活力,有助於修復各種器官損傷,復原日漸老化的身體。

Where do you obtain mesenchymal stem cells (MSC)? 哪裡可以提取間充質幹細胞 (MSC)?

Mesenchymal stem cells can be taken from donor’s or your own bone marrow, blood, tooth, or even fat. 間充質幹細胞可取自捐贈者或您自己的骨髓、血液、牙齒,甚至脂肪細胞。

What are some risks and concerns involving animal stem cells? 使用動物幹細胞有哪些風險?

The usual stem cells derived from animal are fetal stem cells. In order to extract the fetal tissue, the unborn will be sacrificed. Animal stem cells might contain mutations or abnormalities and certain viruses may lie dormant in animal but become active once they enter the human body.

動物幹細胞通常取自胎兒。 在提取幹細胞的過程,將犧牲未出生的胎兒。 動物幹細胞可能含有突變體或異常,某些病毒在動物體內處於休眠狀態,但一旦進入人體就會變得活躍。

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