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Your 24/7 Health Consultant

UHG Medical Concierge

UHG Medical Concierge is your personalised health butler and members can call us at any time to seek all health and medical related assistance.

Members Privileges

24/7 Medical Hotline

UHG Medical Concierge has set up a 24/7 medical hotline. Members can call us at any time to arrange medical appointments, medical assistance, health check-ups and other medical-related requirements.

Exclusive Privileges

When members go overseas for treatments, they can enjoy the priority right to meet with the doctor.

Concierge Service

We engage in pre-treatment consultations, arrange hospitals and medical translations, apply for various types of visas, book airline tickets, local reception, etc., and we will assign a special personnel to ensure that members can travel comfortably.

Members Privileges

Postoperative Rehabilitation Program

After the surgery, according to the advice of the doctor in charge, we will assist in providing plans and recommendations for postoperative rehabilitation, and make appointments and arrange professional rehabilitation institutions to provide recovery program for members.

Coordination During Hospitalization

During the hospital stay, we will ensure the communication between the members and the attending doctors, and facilitate members or their families to keep updated with the news from the hospital and doctor.

Global Medical Network

We cooperate with many well-known hospitals and trustworthy medical experts to provide professional medical treatment and consultation services.

Always Caring. Always Here.

Well Beyond Healthcare.

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