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About us

UP Premiere Concierge (UPC) is a 24/7 luxury concierge company which was established in 2014. During the year of 2019, the Group expanded into medical services. Combining its experience in concierge services with our medical elites in Hong Kong and overseas, we are committed to provide quality medical services for our members. We strive to create a health management service and a newly integrated medical service platform.

Management Team

Medical Expert

UHG medical team is composed of well-known experts with many years of clinical experience at home or abroad. They all came from the world's top medical institutions, receiving high honors at home or abroad, and have unique insights on many intractable diseases. They are familiar with the development of medical technology and to ensure that each patient has a personalized diagnosis and treatment plan.


UHG Medi-Care is equipped with professional translators who are familiar with the medical field to connect with hospitals and medical experts overseas.

Service Team

All of our employees have received professional training, with a background in the field of healthcare service, they will ensure the highest quality of service for the clients.

Major Product

Overseas Medical Plan - 
Heavy Ion Cancer Therapy (Japan)​

Well Beyond Healthcare.

UPC Hospitality Group Limited

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