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Medical Check-up Packages

Accompanied by UPC Medical Concierge
Carefully arrange everything you need during trip.  

A thriving international metropolis at the southern tip of Taiwan, Kaohsiung was the host city for the 2009 World Games. Due to the regulating effects of the marine climate, Kaohsiung is generally sunny and enjoys pleasant weather year-round. Known as "Taiwan's Maritime Capital," the city has worked hard in recent years to develop its tourism industry, including through beautification of the urban landscape.

Should you get a body check?

Recommendations will differ depending on your medical provider, age and medical condition, but ideally, all adults over the age of 18 should get checked once every 1-5 years. 

For younger adults with no existing health problems, you may not need to get checked as often. But as you get older, it’s better to get checked more frequently. Researchers at the University of Michigan found that the performance and muscle strength of even master athletes and marathon runners decline after 40 years. Age takes a toll on heart function too. Studies have confirmed that heart and lung functions decrease with age. Therefore, it’s important to get a complete health check more regularly as you age.

Medical Check-up Packages

The Kaohsiung Medical Centre offers a wide variety of medical checkup plans. In general, below are the items that will be covered in the medical check.

A)  Basic Items

B)  Urine Test

C)  Heart Test

D)  X-Ray Test

E)  Gynaecological Check-up

F)  Ultrasound

G)  Lung Function Test

H)  Osteoporosis

I)    Blood Tests


Please contact UPC Medical Concierge at 852-3703-5978 to find out which plan suits you most. 

UHG Medi-Care Medical Check-up Packages

Hotel bedside table with tea


Hotel Indigo Kaohsiung or

85 Sky Tower Hotel or similar

Basic Package

Day 1: Fly from Hong Kong International Airport (HKG) to Kaohsiung International Airport (KHH). Meet and greet by UPC Medical Concierge and transfer to hotel with private chauffeur.

Day 2-3: Transfer to Kaohsiung Medical Centre for body check-up. Transportation, meals and leisure activities will be arranged by UPC Medical Concierge.

Day 4: Body check-up completes and fly back to Hong Kong from Kaohsiung International Airport (KHH).

Kaohsiung Attractions

Kaohsiung is home to several popular visitor sites, including the Love River, Shoushan (Mt. Shou), Xiziwan Bay, Lotus Pond, Qijin, and the Old City of Zuoying. It also is an ethnic melting pot, joining Hokkien and Hakka communities, the Pingpu, Tsou, Rukai, Bunun, and Paiwan indigenous tribes, and a military community culture. Kaohsiung also offers scenic mountains, ocean views, and rivers, as well as port, cultural, and historic attractions. 

Visitors to the city can experience the beauty of nature and savor fine cuisine, or head to the nearby Hakka village of Meinong to experience traditional oil paper umbrella art. The Neimen Songjiang Battle Array and the Fo Guang Shan Buddhist monastery in Dashu further add to the ethnic richness of Kaohsiung. Taiwan's biggest mall and well-known night markets complete the scene for a thoroughly satisfying trip.

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